Will the Governor-General again support fundamentalist group?

Whether Governor-General David Hurley and his wife read bible passages while hula hooping in the morning is the least of our concerns when it comes to religion mixing with government. Each to their own, we say!

We’re more concerned that, last February, the Governor-General was the guest of honour for an event hosted by a Christian fundamentalist and anti-LGBTIQ group that openly states the need for Australia to “find God” and be transformed “with Jesus Christ as Lord”.

The image used with this post shows him addressing the event outside Parliament House in Canberra.

So we’re asking the Governor-General whether he will again lend royal support to the divisive dominionist agenda of the National Day of Prayer & Fasting group, which will hold its activities on Saturday 27 February.

On its website, the National Day of Prayer & Fasting group outlines its top policy as seeing that the government protects marriage as being “between a man and woman, to the exclusion of all others”.

Another of the items in its 15-point policy plan is for government to actively protect and support “the natural family”, which is described as being “founded by the marriage of a man and a woman”

The website also states:

🔹 “Australia is feeling the effect of its rampant immorality and easy divorce culture.”
🔹 “Adultery is promoted and normalised by government decree…”
🔹 “Anyone who opposes the militant homosexual agenda is vilified as being homophobic and behind the times.”
🔹 “…Christian freedom of conscience is under attack on a broad range of issues.”
🔹 “Abortion is still the single biggest killer of our children with 100,000 cases of death by abortion reported on a yearly basis.”
🔹 “Family life in Australia is descending into relational chaos and our children are paying the price.”

Weeks before the 2020 National Day of Prayer & Fasting event, the Governor-General’s official diary showed him as meeting with the organisers.

Our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon hopes that the Governor-General will this year focus his efforts on promoting an inclusive Australia that respects all religious and non-religious beliefs.

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