Our ‘little temple’ is making headlines around the world

While the Australian Christian Lobby has been dismissing us as a “little temple in Noosa…caught up…in a nasty business”, we’ve been busy spreading the good word of Satan around the world.

Our campaign for religious freedom is making international headlines, with news sites in the United States and even in Indonesia reporting on our recent efforts to achieve equal rights for Satanists in public hospitals and schools.

Our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon says the media attention is a sure sign of the growing interest in Satanism.

“Satanism is the fastest growing religion in Australia. Clearly, many people in Australia and around the world are concerned about religious freedom for all and they are closely watching developments at the Noosa Temple of Satan,” he says.

“Given the success we’ve been having, it would be great if we could grow our presence even more. Not bad work for a ‘little temple’ in Noosa!”

Check out some of the media coverage we’ve been attracting in Australia and beyond: https://noosatempleofsatan.org/mediacoverage/

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