Satanic Citizenship Course

Various Christian denominations hold confirmation ceremonies where teenagers affirm their commitment and belief. At the NTOS we are developing a similar concept called a Satanic Citizenship Course for aspiring Satanists and we hope to begin delivering the program in 2021. The course will be designed for teenagers but a simplified and age-appropriate version will be available for Primary School children and will be offered as a part of our Religious Instruction program in State Primary Schools.


The philosophy behind our curriculum is that Satanism can only be properly embraced where there is informed consent.  This means that prospective Satanists need an awareness of certain information and a have a capacity to analyse and judge that information.

The information we will provide includes topics such as human evolution, religious history and major philosophical theories. It is important that if students are to embrace Satanism then they need to understand the doctrines of the faiths they are rejecting.

But it is not enough to provide information. We intend to instil in our students the capacity to sort through information and assess credibility and bias as well as the importance of consistent thinking and logical approaches to problem solving. There will be a heavy emphasis on media literacy and understanding how power is exercised overtly and covertly in our society.

Only after this preparatory phase, are students introduced to a detailed examination of Satanism. We will look at both religious and literary references to Satan. Our previous efforts to understand other religions will pay off in this section as Satan is so intimately intertwined with other religions that his identity, to some extent, derives from their interpretations.

We then get to the most rewarding and interesting part of the program where we look at the tenets of Satanism and how they compare to other moral codes and we attempt to apply Satanic morality to everyday situations.

Finally, if students decide to embrace Satanism then we discuss what type of Satanic activism would suit them at this particular time in life and potential leaders will be mentored as they take on leadership roles.

Subject Units

Humans – To understand human nature we need to understand how we evolved as a species and how that influences the type of moral code we might construct.

The Bible – For many people, the Bible prescribes ideal behaviour and morals. We look at who wrote the Bible, what morals the Bible recommends and whether they make sense?

Other Religions – We look at other religions, the principal texts, what the followers believe and whether faith is a virtue?

Philosophy – From Socrates to Post Modernism.

Critical thinking – We look at how to filter out misinformation by checking for bias and hidden agendas. Practical examples will be drawn from news reports on topics as varied as Covid-19, Vaccinations, and Chinese and American foreign policy.

Satan – Religious and literary understandings with an emphasis on the Book of Job.

Satanism – the tenets. Based on what we have learned in the preceding modules, do these tenets make sense?

Human Rights – We look at modern day conundrums and apply critical thinking to create a framework for formulating a satanic response.

Indulgence – Life should be fun and simple pleasures enjoyed. In this module we look at some simple life skills such as how to make good coffee, how to paint a still life, how to choose a bottle of wine, how to ask someone out on a date and how to be a great guest at a dinner party.

Commitment – Students are encouraged to consider if they want to be a Satanist and to reject Satanism if they cannot state clear rational reasons for being a Satanist.

Primary School Religious Instruction

As mentioned, the Satanic Citizenship class creates a framework for a simplified Religious Instruction (RI) class. The RI curriculum will look something like this:

Humans – We will compare creationism with the scientifically accepted theory of evolution. We will also examine how humans have evolved as social creatures and how co-operation rather than selfishness has led to our success as a species.

The Bible – We will explain that the Gospels were written long after the death of Jesus by people who did not even know him.

The Bible continued – We will introduce children to the Book of Job and the concept of Satan as a challenger to Christian faith.

Satan – We will outline the stories of Satan, both historical and literary and describe the different denominations within Satanism.

The Satanic Tenets – We will compare the Ten Commandments with the Satanic Tenets and discuss which is more moral. This will involve a discussion of morality and the different approaches to moral dilemmas.


On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

The Goodness Paradox by Richard Wrangham

This View of Life by David Sloan Wilson

The Invisible Hook by Peter T. Leeson

The Skeptics Annotated Bible by Steve Wells

Nailed by David Fitzgerald

The Documentary Film “Marketing the Messiah” by Cameron Reilly

Mohamed and the Unbelievers by Bill Warner

The Mormons by David Fitzgerald

Religions of the World by Breuilly and others

God is Not Great – Christopher Hitchens

The Quest for a Moral Compass by Kenan Malik

History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey

Paradise Lost by John Milton

The Shock Doctrine – By Naomi Klein

The Global Cold War by Odd Arne Westad

Justice by Michael sandel

Morality by Jonathan Sacks

After Virtue by Alasdair MacIntyre

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