Satanism on the way to another two schools

Dear sinners, we’re pleased to announce that our Satanic religious instruction classes have expanded from two public schools to four, as more families request that their children learn Satanism.

Our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon is looking forward to working with the principals and staff of Tewantin State Primary School and Sunshine Beach State High School – both based in Noosa – as he begins spreading the tenets of Satanism within their classrooms.

The addition of these schools follow the confirmation of Centenary State High School and Wilston State Primary School in January.

With this doubling of the number of schools that will welcome Brother Samael into the classroom for an hour a week, we’re concerned that Grace Grace may double her efforts to demonise our temple.

The Education Minister’s behaviour towards us Satanists has been lacking in grace since we began our campaign to offer Satanism classes as one of the options, alongside other faiths groups, in the religious instruction program.

Last October, Minister Grace accused Brother Samael of a “political stunt” when he appeared outside a Brisbane school to encourage students to choose Satanic classes. On that occasion, she also made it clear that police were aware of our activities.

Then in January, after we announced that two families had officially informed their principals that their children would be learning Satanism, Minister Grace increased her attacks on our religious freedom.

She told the media that Satanic classes would not be happening in Queensland’s public schools, even though Christians and other faith groups would be allowed to enter classrooms to continue their missionary work during school hours.

“Satanism has never been taught in Queensland schools, and it never will be on my watch. This is nothing but a stunt,” Ms Grace told the Courier Mail.

The Noosa Temple of Satan has since lodged a formal complaint with the Queensland Human Rights Commission against Minister Grace under the Anti-Discrimination Act.

Brother Samael is calling on the minister to respect the religious freedom of Satanic families who want their children to follow Satanism. “We’re so excited to have another two schools where we can spread the good word” he says.

Hail Satan!

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