Satanic RI case is heading to state’s Supreme Court

Our humble temple is vowing to “fight like hell” to see that Satanic children of Queensland are given the same right as those of other faiths to access religious instruction during class time.

The Noosa Temple of Satan’s Advocatus Diaboli, Trevor Bell (pictured), has filed an application with the state’s Supreme Court seeking an order for the state government to reverse its decision to block us from giving religious instruction in public schools.

This court case will surely become the biggest David versus Goliath battle in Australia’s history since Melbourne-based father Darryl Kerrigan successfully took his case all the way to the High Court.

At this stage, we can report that a trial date is yet to be set, but we believe July is most likely.

Advocatus Diaboli Trevor is calling on sinners all across Australia and supporters of religious freedom FOR ALL to throw their support behind us.

“The Queensland Education Department said one of their reasons for rejecting us was that we don’t have enough members. Let’s prove them wrong! Tell your friends! Spread the word that, finally, there is a group that is prepared to challenge Christian privilege,” he says.

“We know that the big guy downstairs will be on our side and we know that our case has ‘the vibe’ about it. But we will need your support, too. Please, do what you can to help – back us up on social media, call your local state member, write letters to the editor.”

We’re hopeful that our supporters can also chip in a dollar or two to help us cover the expense of going to the Supreme Court.

“The filing fee alone was $1,020. That amount is more than the total of donations we have received to date,” says Advocatus Diaboli Trevor.

“Our supporters are legendary. Last year, they helped us raise enough money in a few days to fly a banner over the Sunshine Coast. We hope they can get behind us again for this historic action.”

The government’s decision to block us while letting other faith groups enter public schools to deliver religious instruction during class time has left Satanic families and children heartbroken.

The decision came after Education Minister Grace Grace said earlier this year that she would never allow Satanic religious instruction “on my watch”.

Hail Satan!

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