Pressure rises on Minister Grace after girl subjected to Christian Indoctrination

A Queensland state school pupil who requested satanic religious instruction has been illegally placed in a Christian class and subjected to anti-evolution indoctrination.

The family of the girl told the Noosa Temple of Satan that they were shocked to discover that she had recently been placed in a Christian religious instruction (RI) class without their permission.

Earlier this year, the family informed the primary school that they wanted their daughter to take part in Satanic RI.

The father has complained to the school and is yet to receive a proper response.

“She related to us that she felt uncomfortable when the Christian RI teacher asked where people came from and she was the only one to refer to evolution,” the dad told the Noosa Temple of Satan.

“The teacher said to her, ‘No, sweetie. People came from God’.”

The RI classes are usually provided by volunteers who are not required to have any teaching qualifications.

Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon almost choked on a scone when he heard the family’s story.

“Education Minister Grace Grace really needs to put a stop to this nonsense and respect everyone’s religious freedom,” he said,

The Queensland Government’s blocking of Satanic RI classes means that Satanic families across the state have been unable to learn Satanism during school time, while Christian pupils and those of other faiths have continued to receive instruction in their religion.

Three families, with children at four public schools, have asked the Noosa Temple of Satan to provide RI lessons.

The Noosa Temple of Satan is embroiled in a Supreme Court battle with the Education Department.

Our Advocatus Diaboli, Trevor Bell, has filed an application with the Queensland Supreme Court seeking an order that the government reverse its decision to block us from giving religious instruction in state schools.

“Here at the Noosa Temple of Satan, we have come to expect extreme arrogance by Christian groups and lazy apathy by the Queensland Education Department, but even we were shocked by this latest development,” says Trevor.

“Christian religious instructors can waltz into a school and peddle hardcore evangelical theology to non-consenting children and, meanwhile, our temple has to battle through a Supreme Court case before we can even get through the school gate.”

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