Minister Grace told to ‘stand firm’ on ‘Satan man’

Dear sinners, it seems that some people will stop at nothing to have our religious freedom cancelled.

Thanks to the generous donations of Satanists across the principalities of Noosa and Australia, we have been able to obtain – for a pretty penny! – government documents from earlier this year that reveal lobbying efforts aimed at stopping us.

While we have been publicly calling on Education Minister Grace Grace to allow us to teach Religious Instruction in public schools, Christians and ‘multi-faith’ groups have been lobbying her behind the scenes.

In the correspondence to the minister that we got through our Right to Information application, we have found letters from the public telling Minister Grace to “stand firm” in her opposition to “Satan man”.

One even referred to our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon as the “sick man”. As Brother Samael, who goes by ‘Robin Bristow’ on his days off, has been dealing with a health issue in recent time, we’ll let this jibe slide. But you get what we’re talking about, right?!

We were also shocked to find an email from the Multi-Faiths Religious Instruction Network applauding Minister Grace for her decision to reject our application to teach Satanism in public schools.

“On behalf of the Multi-Faiths Religious Instruction Network, [name removed] and I, as Co-Chairs, wanted to extend our thanks and appreciation to the Minister for her clear and unalloyed position on the place of the ‘satanic’ group in Qld State schools,” the email said.

Brother Samael said he was disappointed to see so many religious people seeking to have our religious freedom cancelled.

“Clearly, the Multi-Faiths Religious Instruction Network has a branding issue. We’d suggest that they consider a name change,” he said.

Another email to Minister Grace thanked her for “holding the line against Satanism indoctrination” in Queensland’s schools.

“Satanism holds to some alarming and horrific beliefs and is a danger to our children. But the Satanist group are probably correct in that the legislation is too weak to exclude them if taken to court. Would you please investigate this and move to make certain that the teaching of Satanism under any guise, particularly Religious Instruction, is outlawed in our state?” the email said.

We’ll bring your more updates about what we unearth from our RTI application.

Hail Satan!

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