Government documents reveal ACL lobbying to cancel our religious freedom

As we count down to our big day in court on Thursday, we bring you some BIG news, dear sinners. We now have PROOF that the crusading Australian Christian Lobby – which claims to stand for religious freedom – has been privately urging the Queensland government to have our freedoms cancelled!

From our Right to Information (RTI) application – which was paid for by the paupers among our ranks (praise be!) – we have obtained an email that shows the ACL directly trying to block our efforts to provide Satanic religious instruction in Queensland schools.

In an email sent to Education Minister Grace Grace on 29 January this year, when our humble temple was gaining widespread media attention for our push to teach Satanism in schools, the ACL thanked the minister for her public opposition to us.

The Christian fundamentalists also took the opportunity to ask for a meeting with Minister Grace to discuss the issue.

“Thank you so much for your public response, calling it out for what it is – a stunt,” the email said.

The name of the person who wrote the email has been blocked out in the RTI document.

The revelation comes at a time when the ACL is ramping up pressure on the Morrison government to introduce a Religious Discrimination Bill – described as a ‘Christian Bill of Rights’ by one government MP – to protect religious freedom.

Recently, in a letter calling on Martyn Iles to defend our right to hold a Black Mass at a public venue, we noted that “Christian cancel culture” was on the rise.

Among the government documents that we obtained are many letters from Christians calling on the minister to ban us from schools.

One said: “It beggars belief that such a proposal should have any support in a country founded on Judeo-Christian principles.”

Another “hoped and prayed” that Minister Grace would “STOP THIS EVIL AND IDIOTIC IDEA” of Satanism being taught in schools before it made way for an “epidemic of evil”.

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Noosa Temple of Satan
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