Brother Samael drops by Kelvin Grove State College

Heathens of Queensland, it’s time to spread Satanism in our public schools!

This afternoon, Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon has been busy handing out flyers at Kelvin Grove State College in Brisbane to encourage students to nominate the Noosa Temple of Satan as their chosen provider of scripture classes.

The school is located in the electorate of Education Minister Grace Grace, who has been happy to allow Christian missionaries to take over the classrooms in public schools for Religious Instruction.

While standing outside Kelvin Grove State College, Brother Samael said he was looking forward to satanists enjoying equal opportunity to spread their beliefs as part of scripture classes from next year, starting in Minister Grace’s own electorate.

“Some people may object to our presence but fortunately, under current Queensland law, they cannot stop us. If a student is a member of the Noosa Temple of Satan, then the school must provide one of their rooms for us to use and must allow such students to attend,” he said.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to learn about Satan. We will be entering the school and offering satanic religious instruction for at least one hour per week”.

Stay tuned! We’ll have more to come on this!

Hail Grace! Hail scripture classes in public schools!

Hail Satan!

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