Religious freedom stamped out

Grave news, dear sinners. Australia Post has stamped out the religious freedoms of Satanists for this holiday season, refusing to print stamps with our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon.

As you may remember, earlier this month we shared with you some stamp designs so that Satanists could make their own customisable stamps on Australia Post’s website.

Since then, we have been receiving distressing news from heathens all around the country saying that the postal service had rejected the designs, cancelled their orders and refunded their money.

In email notifications, Australia Post told them the designs contained “text or images which do not meet community standards or expectations, or which may cause offence to a reasonable person.”

Australia Post also said that the designs breached its guidelines, which state images must:

🔸 not contain libellous, defamatory or other content deemed offensive;

🔸 not contain material that could infringe copyright;

🔸 not contain racial, prejudicial or discriminatory subject matter;

🔸 not contain nationalistic, political statements or politically motivated messages or symbols including flags;

🔸 not contain images that show illegal or anti-social behaviour.

Given that, in our opinion, our designs did not breach any of these points, Brother Samael was pretty pissed to say the least.

In a media release today, he has called on Australia Post to explain why it is discriminating against Satanists.

“Australia Post really needs to come out and explain to Satanists all around Australia why they have launched this attack on religious freedom,” he says.

“Every year, Christians get to have their own stamps. Since Australia Post won’t make stamps that pay tribute to Satanism, we expected, in the name of religious freedom, to be able to make our own customisable stamps.

“It’s a sad day for religious freedom in Australia. We hope that our nation’s greatest defender of religious freedom, Scott Morrison, is watching closely and intervenes in Australia Post once again.

“If this situation is not immediately rectified, then we will have no other choice than to lay a case of religious discrimination against Australia Post with the Queensland Human Rights Commission.”

Hail Satan!

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