Parents are signing their kids up for Satanic RI

Dear heathens, we bring great news! The Noosa Temple of Satan can confirm that at least two families have officially requested that their children be provided Satanic religious instruction (RI) in Queensland’s public schools.

One family is from Wilston State School and the another is from Centenary State High – both Brisbane-based schools.

They have written to their respective principals to inform them that their children are to receive instruction from the Noosa Temple of Satan during school time.

Under Queensland law, our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon will be able to enter these schools to provide one-hour scripture classes – just as Christian missionaries do! And the principals will not be able to refuse Brother Samael entry to school facilities.

The Satanic lessons will occur during class time and non-Satanic kids will have to leave the room and stop normal lessons while Satanism is taught.

Brother Samael is super excited about the opportunity to spread the tenets of Satanism to new generations of Queenslanders.

“We’re hopeful that this news will inspire other parents across the state to enrol their little devils into our Satanic RI classes,” says Brother Samael.

“The parents who have already signed up are doing a wonderful thing in ensuring the right of their children to access our classes under Queensland law. This achievement is proof that our great plans for the principality of Noosa and the whole state are starting to come to fruition.”

Want your kids to join Satanic RI classes? It’s easy! You can either: email your principal to notify them that your child’s religion is ‘Satanism’ and that you want them to be enrolled in religious instruction, delivered by the Noosa Temple of Satan; or, in the section for ‘religion’ on your child’s enrolment form, tick the box to say that you want your child to participate in religious instruction and then nominate ‘Satanism’ as the chosen religion.

Once you have done this, don’t forget to let the Noosa Temple of Satan know via our Facebook page inbox or via email on

With the new school year approaching, Brother Samael is busy developing the temple’s RI curriculum. We’ll have more information on this in coming days! Hail Satan!

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