Our religious freedom costs $480

Who would have thought that in Scott Morrison’s Australia members of a religious group would have to cough up ‘security fees’ merely to practise their religious freedom!

Well, it costs $480 to be exact.

The Noosa Council-owned venue hosting Australia’s first-ever Satanic Black Mass has advised us that it will apply a punitive additional cost of $480 for two security guards to be present at the half-hour event.

The council has introduced the security fee following a stream of online threats from Christian extremists who are attempting to override our right to freedom of religion and have our event cancelled.

This is despite Hillsong Church not having to pay any security charge to use the same venue for its Sunday services.

Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon took some time out from baking scones and making memes for this Facebook page to comment on what is a serious matter.

“The Noosa Temple of Satan has been surprised by the large number of threats received on social media directed at the Temple by fanatical Christians. These threats range from burning down the venue with all inside, burning participants alive at the stake and putting supporters of the Black Mass to death. All this for merely practicing our right to freedom of religion, in community with others and in private. We are simply manifesting our religion in worship, observance, practice and teaching,” he says.

“This outrage must be seen in the light of the calls by our Christian Prime Minister Scott Morrison for a Religious Freedom Bill. The hypocrisy of Christians is breathtaking!

“We have, however, been heartened by the response to these threats by the Noosa police, who have stated that they will be present on the night of the Black Mass ‘to keep the peace’. Hail Satan for our dedicated police!”

We have called on the Noosa council to waive this fee.

Brother Samael said that, no matter the cost, Satanists would celebrate their religious freedom in style at the Halloween Black Mass.

Hail scones!

Hail the Noosa police!

Hail Satan!

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