Join our ‘Give a Knit’ campaign for charity

We’ve had many knitters across Australia contacting us in the past couple of weeks sharing their anger at the comments made about them by prominent Christian apologist and historian John Dickson.

Knitters have, understandably, been in knots since Dickson (pictured) described our plan for Satanic chaplains to be working in hospitals as being as useful to sick and dying people “as the local knitting club”.

So we think it’s time for Satanists and knitters to unite to show how useful we can be for Aussies in need.

The Noosa Temple of Satan is calling on knitting clubs right across Australia to join our ‘Give a Knit’ campaign to show support for religious freedom FOR ALL and for the right of Aussies to enjoy freedom FROM religion.

For the campaign, we want to encourage knitters to donate their work – such as beanies, scarves, gloves or toys – to the sick and needy in hospitals, those experiencing homelessness or other people in need.

Through this initiative, our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon hopes that all Australians can see how caring Satanists and knitters are.

“Indeed, one of our key tenets at the Noosa Temple of Satan is compassion. So we’re really pleased to take up this opportunity to show our compassion for fellow citizens,” he says.

“We expect that this campaign will help the wider community to see through the religious-motivated bigotry that is often directed towards us.”

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