“It is happening on your watch, Grace”

Queensland’s Education Minister Grace Grace appears set to trample all over the religious freedoms of Satanists by vowing to never let Satanic religious instruction (RI) classes be held in public schools.

In media reports yesterday, Minister Grace made it clear that she is hellbent on stopping the Noosa Temple of Satan from ever entering public schools to deliver Satanic RI to those who want it.

But doing so would be a clear act of discrimination based on religious grounds, as families have already nominated Satanism as their choice of provider for RI in accordance to Queensland law.

“Satanism has never been taught in Queensland schools, and it never will be on my watch. This is nothing but a stunt,” Ms Grace told the Courier Mail.

Our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon reminded Minister Grace that, under Queensland law concerning RI, Satanists had the same right as Christian missionaries to enter public schools to deliver classes.

“Well, Grace Grace, we’ve got news for you. It’s going to happen on your watch,” said Brother Samael in a 7 News interview.

Brother Samael is now fearful that Minister Grace will take an arbitrary approach in an effort to block Satanic parents from enjoying the same religious freedoms as Christians and people of other faiths, “She has no discretion (on this issue). She has to allow us, or she must change the law. Say what you like about Satanism, but legally it is a religion,” Brother Samael told the Courier Mail earlier.

We want more families to sign up their kids for Satanic classes! If you’re interested in having Satanic RI classes delivered by us at the Noosa Temple of Satan and on Minister Grace’s watch, follow the easy steps outlined here on our webpage: https://bit.ly/39qsZb4

Watch the 7 News report here: https://bit.ly/3cnybhZ

Read the Courier Mail report here (paywalled): https://bit.ly/3oqGBHP

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