Guess which stamp design Australia Post rejected

Grave news, dear heathens. Australia Post has escalated its unfair attacks on our religious freedom.

In the lastest episode of Australia Post’s discriminatory behaviour towards us, the postal service has accepted our order to print a customised Christian stamp but has refused our other request for a similar design featuring the Noosa Temple of Satan logo.

Australia Post gave us no explanation for the rejection of our Satanic logo and the approval of the Christian one.

Our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon says it is a clear-cut case of religious discrimination.

Following the rejection of his previous designs (see our post of last week), Brother Samael suspected that his temple was being unfairly discriminated against. He decided to test two designs – the first one with a logo featuring a pentagram for The Noosa Temple of Satan and the second one featuring a cross for a fictitious entity called ‘The Noosa Church of Christ’.

“This is the fourth Satanic stamp that they have rejected. It’s easier to get a Cartier watch out of Australia Post than a simple Satanic stamp,” said Brother Samael.

“The only conclusion I can draw is that I’ve been discriminated against on the basis of my religion”.

Brother Samael is calling on Australia’s greatest defender of religious freedom Prime Minister Scott Morrison to intervene and force Australia Post to print our stamp. He is also urging the Australian Christian Lobby, Freedom for Faith and other Christian lobby groups to come to our aid in defence of our religious freedom.

“As defenders of religious freedom, I’m sure those organisations will be appalled at how we have been treated and will demand that Australia Post print our stamps – unless, of course, their previous calls for religious freedom were really just calls for Christian freedom.”

Hail Scott Morrison!

Hail Satan!

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