Goodness, Grace! Another political stunt

If anyone knows a thing or two about using schools for political stunts, it’s Education Minister Grace Grace MP.

Although she had a go at our very own Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon for handing out flyers outside a public school last week, a quick look at her Facebook page reveals someone who is more than keen to use schools and schoolchildren for propaganda purposes.

We spotted numerous photos of Grace meeting with pupils on school premises just in the past few weeks, as she has an election battle on her hands to hold her seat.

After Brother Samael appeared outside Kelvin Grove State College to inform students how they could choose Satanism for their Religious Instruction classes, Grace made an extraordinary attack on our religions freedom.

“…schools should not be used as a backdrop for a political stunt,” she said.

“This is ridiculous. I do not support this behaviour. Police and Kelvin Grove State College’s leadership team are aware.”

Brother Samael is concerned that the Minister will now seek to limit the provision of Religious Instruction in public schools to selected religious groups in an effort to block Satanists from accessing classrooms.

“Religious groups have a legal right to provide religious instruction in state schools. Christian groups are regularly welcomed into state schools to provide scripture lessons, yet we have been threatened by the Education Minister,” he said.

“At Kelvin Grove State College, we exercised our legal right to promote our religion of Satanism and we invited students to attend our proposed religious instruction classes.”

If you’re interested to become a Satanic Religious Instructor with the Noosa Temple of Satan so that you can help spread our beliefs in public schools throughout Queensland, please contact us directly through our inbox or on

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