Fundamentalist Christian group takes Satan’s side

In the face of sustained prayer attacks and petitions targeting Friday’s Satanic Black Mass, it has been refreshing to receive some words of support from Christians for our religious freedom celebration.

Our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon almost choked on a scone when he read an article on the website of the fundamentalist Canberra Declaration – the group which had been involved in organising the private prayer session with the Prime Minister earlier in the year.

In the article, Canberra Declaration urged Christians not to take political action to limit Satanists’ freedom of religion.

“One of the compromises of living in a democratic society is that if we insist on freedom of speech, conscience and religion for ourselves, then to be fair and maintain our integrity, we must insist on it for everyone — so long as no laws are being broken,” they said.

“It would be hypocritical of us to seek protections for our own beliefs and practices but then oppose the same for “rival” groups — even if they happen to be Satanists.

“Our advocacy has not been against the freedom of other groups to assemble or unseemly businesses to open their doors.

“Freedom is a gift from the Christian worldview that even Satanists benefit from — and that even Christians must extend to others when it doesn’t suit us.”

Brother Samael was thoroughly enjoying the article until it started talking about our Black Mass being a ‘symptom’ of Australia’s cultural troubles and how participants needed to find salvation through God.

“With the Canberra Declaration emphasising the need for ‘cultural renewal’, we can assure them that, here at the Noosa Temple of Satan, we are going to work on renewing Australia’s culture in a way that is pleasing to Satan,” says Brother Samael.

“We urge Christians at the Canberra Declaration to watch our live-streamed Black Mass on Friday evening and open their hearts to the Dark Lord.”

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