‘Freedom For Faith’ shuns us for Religious Freedom Weekend

As law Professor Patrick Parkinson’s Freedom For Faith group continues to mobilise Christians for this week’s Religious Freedom Weekend, a dark shadow has fallen over the event.

The Christian think tank, which is lobbying the Morrison government for new ‘religious freedom’ laws, has shunned us Satanists.

Last week, our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon wrote to Freedom For Faith to say Satanists all around Australia would be joining with Christians in solidarity to mark the Religious Freedom Weekend.

Despite being given a golden opportunity to demonstrate that it was really committed to protecting religious freedom FOR ALL groups, Freedom For Faith has not yet replied to our letter.

In the letter, Brother Samael told of the discrimination and religiously motivated attacks that Satanists have been facing from many directions in Australia.

Professor Parkinson’s group is stepping up its campaigning for the government to introduce the Religious Discrimination Bill to parliament, with Freedom For Faith even meeting with the new Attorney-General Michaelia Cash this week.

In an interview aired on YouTube channel The Pastors Heart this week, Professor Parkinson said he hoped the Religious Freedom Weekend would help raise awareness among Christians of the “threats to religion in Australia”.

Brother Samael said it was a shame that Freedom For Faith had chosen not to welcome Satanists for what could have been an inclusive event.

“Freedom For Faith says that it exists to see religious freedom protected and promoted in Australia. Yet, it seems to be actively shunning possibly the fastest growing religion in Australia – Satanism,” said Brother Samael.

“If they’re not serious about protecting and promoting religious freedom for all, then they should change their name to ‘Freedom For the Christian Faith’. To a lot of Aussies, Freedom For Faith’s desire for the Religious Discrimination Bill looks more like a push for a Christian privilege bill.”

The Noosa Temple of Satan is encouraging Satanists to go ahead and celebrate their religious freedom this coming weekend.

“I urge Satanists to have a devilishly good time this Religious Freedom Weekend. It’s not unusual for Satanists to have a good time without Christians. Although, we would have preferred to be doing it with them on this occasion.”

Hail religious freedom!

Hail Satan!

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