Brother Samael: ‘I’m no hero’

Hero status is not something that sits comfortably with Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon.

Our down-to-earth spiritual leader has been receiving many accolades from sinners all across the principality of Noosa and across Australia for the good work that he has been doing throughout 2020.

Although he has been making many headlines while advocating for the religious freedoms of Satanists and challenging Christian privilege, Brother Samael insists he is just standing up for what is right.

Among the highlights of our 2020 were:

🔹 Our inaugural Black Mass, which was held at a Noosa council venue, was sold out and attracted thousands of viewers online. It also attracted an international petition signed by more than 100,000 Christians who wanted our event cancelled and our religious freedoms denied.

🔹 Our followers raised $1800 to fly a sky banner proclaiming our religious freedom over Noosa.

🔹 Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon made headlines when he appeared outside a Brisbane public school inviting students to sign up for Satanic Religious Instruction classes.

🔹 We’ve also been exposing the intolerant views of Martyn Iles, the lead ‘religious freedom’ crusader at the Australian Christian Lobby, toward minority religious faiths – watch our videos for his comments about Islam and pagan beliefs.

🔹 Early in the year, our submission to the Morrison government’s Religious Discrimination Bill, in which we argued that the legislation was not necessary but we would seek to exploit our new privileges if it became law, exploded on social media.

If you thought 2020 was a big year for the Noosa Temple of Satan, hold your beer!

Our temple has big things planned for 2021 as we set out to achieve religious freedom and freedom FROM religion for all when it comes to issues such as Religious Instruction classes in public schools, the recital of prayers in parliaments and councils, and the Religious Discrimination Bill.

Scoring wins on all of these fronts would be truly heroic! But that success will depend on not just the efforts of one man. It will depend on the ongoing amazing support of heathens and sinners all across this country.

Hail Satan!

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