Australia Post not too keen on our stamp design

You may remember that a few weeks ago we presented to Australia Post a design for a Satanic stamp that they could use to celebrate religious freedom in Australia. Well, one of our followers sent a message to Australia Post to encourage the mail service to follow up on our pretty cool design suggestion.

It turns out that there may be too many religious beliefs out there for Aus Post to give us all an equal opportunity to have a stamp!

In a message sent from Aus Post to our devilish friend in the wee hours of the morning (AEST) – we’re thinking that maybe Aus Post suspected Satanists would be still up and involved in all kinds of shenanigans at that hour! – Aus Post seemed to suggest that it would instead be more keen to stick to privileging Christian imagery on its stamps.

Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon is encouraging fellow Satanists to call the Aus Post philatelic team on 1800 331 794 to ask for a fair go for our community and to discuss our design idea.

“For so long, Australia Post has been making stamps showing nativity scenes in its annual Christmas stamps and all kinds of other Christian symbolism. With Satanism growing rapidly in Australia and the push by the Prime Minister and religious lobbying groups to put religious freedom on a pedestal, it’s about time that we also get some representation on a stamp.”

Hail Aus Post’s night watchman/woman!

Hail Satan!

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