ACL launches attack on our religious freedom

Grave news, dear heathens. The Australian Christian Lobby’s Wendy Francis has made it clear that her network of extremist Christians won’t be standing up for Satanists to also enjoy freedom of religion.

In an article on the ACL’s website, Wendy revealed that the Christian Lobby – which is driving the Morrison government’s agenda to introduce expansive ‘religious freedom’ laws – has been plotting with “Sunshine Coast pastors, church and prayer network leaders” to counter our upcoming Black Mass.

Given the threatening language that our followers of Satan have been receiving online as we count down to our celebration of religious freedom at Halloween, we were concerned to see Wendy using language referring to the “weapons of our warfare” and a need to “extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one”.

This attack on religious freedom points to the ACL’s hypocrisy when it comes to religious freedom. We know that they are concerned about freedoms being expanded to cover Muslims, also. See here:

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