We’re looking for our own Dennis Denuto

Just as Darryl Kerrigan couldn’t have gone far without Dennis Denuto in his mission for a fair go in The Castle, our very own Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon hopes that some good legal support will help Satanists win the day on more than one occasion.

The Noosa Temple of Satan is looking for a law firm that would be willing to assist us on a pro-bono basis in our David versus Goliath battles against religious privilege and discrimination of Satanists and other religious and non-religious minorities.

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Teaming up with the Noosa Temple of Satan would be a great opportunity for a law firm to make a name for itself and be a part of ground-breaking legal decisions.

We are seeking a progressive law firm that is interested in exploring the boundaries of human rights and anti-discrimination laws in Australia.

Suitable candidates must possess the following extra essentials:

🔸‘the vibe’;

🔸a working photocopier;

🔸a sense of adventure;

🔸a willingness to lose any Christian clients they may already have.

We have a number of unique legal actions available to us. For example, some of the issues that we’re currently working on are:

🔹an action against Australia Post for refusing to print our Satanic stamps;

🔹an action against the Brisbane City Council for commencing meetings with a Christian prayer;

🔹an action against Pozible for refusing our fund-raising campaign;

🔹an action against the Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace for threatening us in relation to our proposal to teach Satanic religious instruction lessons;

🔹likely ongoing disputes with the Queensland Education Department as we progress with our program to provide satanic religious instruction classes in state schools;

🔹assistance with our future endeavours to register as a provider of chaplaincy services for schools, hospitals, the military and the 2032 Olympic games.

Add, yeah, if any of you younger sinners haven’t watched The Castle yet, do yourself a favour.

Hail Dennis Denuto!

Hail Satan!

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