Senator Stoker agrees to a meeting with our temple

Great news, dear sinners. Thanks to your help, we’ve been successful in scoring a meeting with Senator Amanda Stoker to discuss the Morrison government’s Religious Discrimination Bill.

After we called on your help earlier this week to encourage the Queensland senator to give us some of her time, we received an email from her office inviting us to a meeting in Brisbane in July.

Our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gordon is looking forward to discussing the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill with Senator Stoker as part of her consultation with religious community groups.

“Senator Stoker had earlier mentioned that she had been consulting with groups that wished to be heard on the matter. Well, we certainly want to be heard. So I thank the senator for giving us this opportunity to represent my temple and the wider Satanic community,” he says.

“While we reject the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill, given the draconian measures that featured in the earlier drafts of the bill, we will be informing Senator Stoker about how we plan to take full advantage of the privileges afforded to religious groups if such a bill is enacted into law.”

As you know, Brother Samael had also promised Senator Stoker that he would bake some scones especially for the occasion.And, unlike most politicians, Brother Samael delivers on his promises.

“Enjoying a scone or two with a cuppa tea is just part and parcel of life at our humble temple. So we’re excited to have the chance to share our sense of Satanic hospitality with Senator Stoker,” he says.

“The hard decision really will come down to deciding whether to go with some good old jam and cream scones or Lady Flo Bejelke-Petersen’s pumpkin scone recipe.”

Hail Satan!

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