Our temple calls for transparency on Religious Discrimination Bill

Our temple is urging the Morrison government to be open with the Australian public about who it has been consulting with as it has been revising the Religious Discrimination Bill.

According to reports, the government has refused to disclose the details of meetings that former Attorney General Christian Porter and Assistant Minister Amanda Stoker have had with community groups since late last year.

Surely, there would be nothing to hide…unless, of course, they have only been speaking to *certain* groups!

At Senate estimates in March, Senator Stoker revealed that she had held “a number of meetings… and teleconferences” with “people who wish to be heard on this matter”.

Wanting to know more, Labor Senator O’Neill – a Catholic who wholeheartedly supports the Morrison government’s efforts to give religious people more privileges at the expense of everyone else – asked that those details be ‘taken on notice’ and supplied at a later date.

But the government has not provided those details. And, at last week’s Senate estimates hearing, even Senator O’Neill called it a “cover up”!

The new Attorney General Michaelia Cash said there must have been some confusion, and has now promised to provide the details.

As all you sinners know, the Noosa Temple of Satan has managed to score a meeting with Senator Stoker. But that happened only after you guys helped us to let her know that we also wanted to be heard on the Religious Discrimination Bill.

That meeting is scheduled for July. But it seems clear that the same opportunities are not being given to Australia’s pro-secular groups or non-religious groups.

Apart from holding open public submission processes on the first two disastrous draft bills, the Morrison government has completely ignored pro-secular and non-religious groups as part of its consultations process.

Hell, the Australia Christian Lobby’s lead crusader Martyn Iles has even bragged in a video about the exclusive access that his fundamentalist group has enjoyed to government decision-makers on this issue.

So how about some transparency!

Hail Satan!

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