Prayers in Parliament

Many of Australia’s Parliaments and local governments begin sittings with a Christian prayer.

This, of course, is offensive to and discriminatory against, non-Christians.

Despite numerous pleas and petitions to stop the practice, nothing has changed.

When all else fails, time to call in the Satanists.

In our view, the practice of commencing such meetings with a Christian prayer is a breach of the Qld Anti -Discrimination Act.

We have decided to begin with a test case against the Brisbane City Council. As required by the Act, we have attempted to reach agreement without resorting to legal action. Below is a copy of our letter to the Chair of Council, Andrew Wines dated 17 November 2020. We have not received any response. At the beginning of 2021, we will commence proceedings under the Anti-Discrimination Act.

Letter to Andrew Wines

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