We’re taking on Brisbane council

Dear heathens, the Noosa Temple of Satan has formally asked the Brisbane City Council to remove Christian prayers from the opening of council meetings.

Last week, Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon wrote a letter to the Chair of Council, Councillor Andrew Wines, to say we would be making a formal complaint under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 to the Queensland Human Rights Commission if the council continued imposing the recital of prayer.

Writing on behalf of fellow Satanists and non-Christians, our spiritual leader labelled the practice of commencing council meetings with a Christian prayer as a form of discrimination prohibited under Queensland anti-discrimination law.

“For many non-Christians, the Christian prayer is offensive. It asks for guidance from a God who they are sworn to reject. It implies an allegiance by the city of Brisbane to a God whom they reject,” wrote Brother Samael.

“To acknowledge the existence of, let alone pay respect to (what is in their eyes) a false God strikes at a fundamental belief held by many of Brisbane’s citizens. Accordingly, when the prayer is read, many non-Christians feel a range of unpleasant reactions ranging from a sense of isolation to a strong sense of outrage.”

Cr Andrew Wines, whose job it is to read out the prayer, thanked Brother Samael for the letter and said he had tasked council officers to look into the matter.

Brother Samael told Cr Wines that the only acceptable option left would be to allow 30 seconds of silence so that members could silently pray to their own God or simply reflect on their own conscience.

The Noosa Temple of Satan has taken the action after the Brisbane council rejected a petition, signed by hundreds of citizens, calling for the removal of the prayer.

Despite 49.8 per cent of citizens in the Brisbane council area being non Christian (according to the 2016 census), Mayor Adrian Schrinner is insisting that council meetings must begin with prayer because it is a “long-standing tradition”.

This is the same mayor who said in a radio interview last year that he would never force his Christian beliefs onto the people of Brisbane because Australia is “not a theocracy”.

We look forward to hearing back from Cr Wines. We would prefer to resolve the matter instead of resorting to the Human Rights Commission.

Praise be to Cr Wines!

Hail Satan!

👉 You can read our full letter here: https://bit.ly/378P77I

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