Speaker says it’s up to MPs to decide on keeping Christian prayer

The Speaker of the Queensland Parliament, Curtis Pitt, has brushed off our request for the daily Christian prayer to be replaced with something more inclusive.

After we wrote to him calling for the removal of the Lord’s Prayer from the official proceedings of the parliament or face legal action, Mr Pitt wrote back to say that only the members of parliament could make such a change. (See the letter below).

Mr Pitt told our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon that the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly were “privileged and unimpeachable”.

“It is for the Legislative Assembly to determine whether its practices should adapt or change,” he wrote.

Mr Pitt rolled out that old chestnut of an argument that the enforced recital of Christian prayer was a tradition.

“The practice of an opening prayer is an established practice across most Australian Houses of
Parliament,” he wrote.

Brother Samael and our temple’s lawyer, Advocatus Diaboli Trevor Bell, are rethinking our approach as to how we can see the exclusionary practice replaced with something inclusive of all Queenslanders.

“Christianity is set to become a minority faith in this country, yet our parliaments insist on forcing all politicians, staff of the parliament and members of the public in the audience to observe a Christian ritual as part of the parliament’s official business,” says Brother Samael.

“This discriminatory behaviour simply has to stop. It excludes so many people from an institution that, more than any other, is supposed to welcome all kinds of people, regardless of their religious or non-religious beliefs.

“Our parliaments are supposed to be secular spaces where Satanists are just as welcome as Christians. We will not stop campaigning to achieve change.”

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