Show us that you’re fair dinkum

Ever wondered why those demanding ‘religious freedom’ laws aren’t also calling for our national parliament, state parliaments and local councils to allow ALL FAITHS to be reflected equally in these government institutions?

As the likes Catholic Archbishop Peter Comensoli and Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies step up their pressure on the Morrison government to prioritise the introduction of a Religious Discrimination Act next year, we would like to provide them with an opportunity to show their true commitment to religious freedom.

This is a public invitation to the likes of Archbishop Comensoli and Archbishop Glenn Davies to, in the name of religious freedom, join forces with the Noosa Temple of Satan and other faith groups to call for the removal of the discriminatory practice of reciting Christian-only prayers in parliaments and councils across Australia.

Earlier this month, Comensoli and Davies told The Australian that the Morrison government should be focusing its work on getting a Religious Discrimination Act through parliament. Given that most Australians are sceptical about the motivations of the ‘religious freedom’ crusaders, our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon is urging Comensoli and Davies to show that they are fair dinkum about protecting religious freedom for all.

“These Christian leaders face a major problem in that most Australians don’t believe that they really want ‘religious freedom’ for all. Instead, most Australians think that they are just wanting to expand their own religious privileges at the expense of the rest of us,” he says.

“So, if people like Comensoli and Davies want to show Australia that they are fair dinkum about protecting the religious freedoms of all faith groups, a very simple thing that they could do is call on all parliaments and councils to remove the exclusionary Christian prayer and allow all faith and non-religious beliefs to be represented in our elected institutions.”

Brother Samael supports the need for government to be secular, with religion being separated from the state. If prayers are to be recited in opening parliament and council meetings, then all faith and non-religious beliefs should be equally represented. Better still, a moment’s silence would allow all elected representatives to reflect on their duties or pray according to their own religious beliefs.

“Having one religious belief imposed on elected officials is clearly discriminatory and not reflective of modern society. Australians are fleeing from Christianity and are increasingly identifying as non-religious or as members of groups such as the Satanists or the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” he says.

“Recently, we witnessed the shocking attack on religious freedom at the Shoalhaven Council in New South Wales, where some Christian councillors banned Buddhist prayers from being recited and mandated that only Christian prayers could be recited.

“We hope the likes of Comensoli and Davies will join us in campaigning against such religious discrimination in government institutions.”

Hail Satan!

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