Our temple is preparing for action on prayer in state parliament

The Noosa Temple of Satan has asked the Speaker of the Queensland Parliament to cease the practice of imposing Christian prayers or face legal action on the grounds of discrimination.

In a letter to Speaker Curtis Pitt last week, our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon warned that he would make a complaint under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 to the Queensland Human Rights Commission if the Christian ritual continued to be imposed.

We have given Mr Pitt 14 days’ notice to cease the religious practice.

At the opening of each day of parliament, Mr Pitt asks all members of the parliament to stand as he reads aloud the Lord Prayer’s.

Brother Samael wrote in the letter that the imposition of a Christian prayer of Satanists and other non-Christians was clearly discriminatory and in breach of the Act.

“I ask that you consider the feelings and sensibilities of Satanists who either work in the chamber or view proceedings from the public gallery. By subjecting Satanists to a Christian prayer but not imposing the same discomfort on Christians, you are discriminating against Satanists. The same complaint could be made by all non-Christians,” he wrote.

The Noosa Temple of Satan will be reaching out to other non-Christian faith groups to invite them to join us in a representative complaint.

In place of the Christian prayer, Brother Samael urged Mr Pitt to introduce something more inclusive.

“The solution would be to allow a minute of silence so that theists could pray silently and non-theists could take a moment for quiet reflection,” he wrote.

“I note that Christian groups have argued that the Christian prayer should be retained as it is part of our history and culture. I reject that argument. Given our culture has changed, so should our practices. I note that continuation of historical practices is not a defence under the Anti-Discrimination Act.”

Last year, the Australian Christian Lobby submitted a petition to the parliament, asking for the exclusively Christian prayers to remain.

Our followers may recall that, in late November, we also asked the Brisbane City Council to stop the practice of reciting prayer at its meetings. We are still yet to receive a reply.

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