Video: ACL wants to impose prayer on Queenslanders

Does it sound strange to anyone else that the Australian Christian Lobby’s idea of protecting ‘religious freedom’ means IMPOSING Christian prayers on all Queenslanders in our state parliament?

The ACL, which is crusading for a federal Religious Discrimination Act to protect ‘religious freedom’, is simultaneously campaigning for the observance of Christian prayer to remain mandatory in the Queensland parliament.

The group’s leading crusader in Queensland, Wendy Francis, has submitted a petition to the parliament demanding that the parliament continue to recite exclusively Christian prayers at the opening of every day.

Never mind if you are a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Satanist, a Pastafarian or an atheist who votes and who pays taxes to fund the operations of the parliament! You’re excluded!

Francis, who spectacularly failed to stop our Satanic Black Mass in October, argues that the state parliament and council meetings must start with Christian prayer as it is “a right and proper acknowledgement of Australia’s legal and cultural heritage which has been decisively shaped by a Christian ethos.”

Unlike the ACL, the Noosa Temple of Satan stands for the freedom of ALL religious beliefs and non-religious beliefs. Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon believes that parliament should be an institution that represents all Queenslanders and welcomes people of all religious beliefs and non-religious beliefs.

“It should be a secular institution that respects the religious freedoms for all faiths equally and also upholds the right of Queenslanders to enjoy freedom FROM religion. Clearly, the practice of imposing the Lord’s Prayer at the opening of each day discriminates against people of other faiths and people of no religion,” he says.

Instead of reciting the Christian prayer, the Noosa Temple of Satan would like to see parliament providing an equal opportunity for all faiths to be represented. Or, alternatively, members of parliament and parliamentary staff should be provided with a moment of silence to reflect on their duties or pray.

As our followers will know, we’re considering making a formal complaint under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 to the Queensland Human Rights Commission over the Brisbane City Council’s insistence on reciting prayer as part of its official meetings. If it continues to impose Christian prayer on members of parliament and parliamentary staff, the Queensland parliament will be the next one in our sights as we pursue true religious freedom for all Queenslanders.

Hail Satan!

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