Our Rebellion

The Noosa Temple of Satan is dedicated to challenging the privileges that traditional religions enjoy in Australia.

The traditional religions have a strong and unhealthy influence over Australia’s institutions, particularly our parliaments and our education system. They use this power to indoctrinate young minds and gain undemocratic advantages for themselves.

As Satanists, we celebrate free-thinking and rebellion against established tyranny.

Consequently, we believe in the principle of secularism which means that there should be a clear separation of Church and State. Religions should not receive special benefits from governments. They should have no special access to, or special role to play, in our state schools or government institutions.

In order to challenge the special privileges that traditional religions currently enjoy, we intend to apply for the same privileges. We recognise that many people are shocked by Satanists and strongly object to our presence. We intend to use that shock to highlight existing religious privilege. We hope that empathetic Christians will come to understand that non-Christians may be equally offended by Christian activities and it would be fair and best for everyone if religious activities retreated from the public arena to private homes and churches.

Our rebellion is currently involved in the following projects:

We will be applying to offer Satanic Instruction classes in Qld State schools. As part of that we will seek to become a member of RIQA, the Religious Instruction Quality Assurance group (a stakeholder group organised by the Education Department which is made up of faith leaders and excludes non-faith groups).

We will be commencing legal actions under the Qld Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 seeking an order to stop Christian prayers at the beginning of sessions in our State Parliament and the Brisbane City Council. If this is successful we will pursue similar actions in other States.

We will be commencing an action against Australia Post for discriminating against us in relation to the printing of a custom stamp.

We will be offering a Satanic chaplaincy service at the Sunshine Coast Hospital and will continue with our efforts to have Christian paraphernalia removed from the multi-faith chapel in that Hospital.

If the Federal Government seeks to enact the draft Religious Discrimination Bill then we will highlight the wonderful benefits for Satanism that the proposed Bill provides.

In 2021 we will continue to run events such as our Black Mass and our Satanic Sky Writing to highlight and promote Satanism in Australia and we hope to hold Satanic ceremonies and social events so that Satanic collaborators can get together and celebrate Satanism.

Other items that may be added to the agenda for 2021 include offering a school chaplaincy service, offering a Satanic confirmation ceremony for teenagers, attending the Red Mass if it is held and demanding government and opposition leaders consult with us in the same way they consult with traditional faith leaders.

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How dare they mock our Lord Satan with this poster 😉From arch-reactionary ex-pm Tony Abbott to key figure in the Trump administration Matthew Whittaker, this is just a taste of the puke-worthy speakers coming to CPAC. The whole point of the CPAC conference is to build a movement around this rogue's gallery of far-right figures and the bigoted politics they espouse. People like Abbott and Latham encapsulate the terrible politics of CPAC - against action on the climate, anti-worker, racist, sexist, homophobic, and deeply nationalist.We're going to protest them on October 1st. Protest against the far right CPAC conference! Let's get out on the streets and show opposition to such hateful bigotry. ... See MoreSee Less
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