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Here are some links to various news articles, blogs and petitions that mention us.

13 August 2021: Satanist’s supreme battle to let Lucifer into Queensland schools (Courier Mail, paywalled)

13 August 2021: Satanists fight for religious classes in Queensland schools (1 News – New Zealand)

12 August 2021: Satanists in court over religious classes (7 News)

12 August 2021: Devil in the detail as satanists’ fight with Education Dept hits Supreme Court (Brisbane Times)

28 July 2021: Lucifer lovers promise Christians a night to remember (The Australian, paywalled)

27 July 2021: Satanists rejected from Noosa Council venue (Noosa Today)

20 July 2021: Satanists play devil’s advocate over religious instruction in court fight (Brisbane Times)

20 July 2021: Qld Satanists say Parliament’s Christian prayer excludes them (Q News)

20 July 2021: Satanists call for end to exclusive Christian prayer (Noosa Today)

1 July 2021: Satanism and Public Schools (Law and Religion Down Under podcast)

24 June 2021: Noosa Temple of Satan going to court to fight for Satanism in schools (Q News)

20 June 2021: Costs win in Satan case (Courier Mail)

9 June 2021: Better the devil (The Australian, paywalled)

7 May 2021: Thoughts and prayers (The Australian, paywalled)

2 May 2021: Not today, Satan (The Australian, paywalled)

1 May 2021: Group takes on government for Satanism to be taught in schools (A Current Affair)

24 April 2021: Satanism in schools: Are you a believer without knowing it (Courier Mail, paywalled)

4 April 2021: Conservative senator could be the saviour of Lil Nas X’s ‘Satanic’ shoes (Pink Advocate)

3 April 2021: Amanda Stoker – A Reluctant Champion of Satanic Shoes (Press Release)

31 March 2021: Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon is interviewed about Lil Nas X’s Satanic shoes, listen from 11.20 (Triple J Hack)

4 February 2021: Noosa Temple of Satan supports conversion practices ban (Star Observer)

4 February 2021: The Scathing Atheist podcast, episode 416, listen from 22.18 (US)

2 February 2021: Satan be gone (Noosa Today)

1 February 2021: What the devil? Hospital denies recognising Satanism (Sunshine Coast Daily)

February 2020: Queensland Satanists Proposed that Satanism should be Taught in Public Schools (WEBLYF)

31 January 2021: The Cheeky Devils At The Noosa Temple Of Satan Want Satanism To Be Taught In QLD Schools (Pedestrian TV)

30 January 2021: Families Pushing For Evil In Queensland Classrooms (The Oprereport)

30 January 2021: Australian Satanists Want to Offer Religious Instruction in Public Schools (The Friendly Atheist – US)

29 January 2021: Two Queensland Families Are Trying To Get Satanism Taught In Schools (LADbible)

29 January 2021: Education Minister pressed to allow Satanist religious instruction in schools (4BC Radio)

29 January 2021: Schools going to hell if Satanists win rights (Courier Mail)

29 January 2021: The push to have Satanism taught in Brisbane state schools (7 News)

28 January 2021: Revealed: QLD schools where families are pushing for Satanism (Courier Mail, paywalled)

25 January 2021: Devil worshipers celebrate ‘important win for religious freedom (The Australian)

21 January 2021: (Indonesian) Astaghfirullah, Gorgon Ajak Pemeluk Agama Sembah Setan (Republika)

21 January 2021: (Indonesian) Pasang Pentagram, Rumah Sakit Ini Akui Pemuja Setan (Republika)

19 January 2021: Satanists herald ‘important win for religious freedoms’ as pentagram joins recognized faith symbols in Aussie hospital (RT)

19 January 2021: Controversy as Noosa Satanists celebrate what they say is ‘an important win for religious freedom (SBS online)

12 January 2021: Satanism recognised as a religion by the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SBS radio)

19 November 2020: Satan’s stamp duty (The Australian)

21 October 2020: ‘Political stunt’ pushes Satanist to be taught in schools (Courier Mail)

19 October 2020: Noosa’s Satanic Black Mass: A Christian response (The Daily Declaration)

12 August 2020: Noosa hosts first satanic black mass (Noosa Today)

9 February 2020: Government’s religious discrimination bill enshrines the right to harm others in the name of faith (The Conversation)

23 January 2020: Satanists to ‘open gates of hell’ in Australia if religious discrimination bill passed (Inquirer)

22 January 2020: What’s got the Noosa Satan Temple so excited? (Coffs Coast’s Hit105.5)

22 January 2020: Satanists vow to use laws to preach in schools (Courier Mail)

21 January 2020: Satanists play devil’s advocate with religious discrimination bill (The Australian)

21 January 2020: Satanists voice their ‘support’ for religious discrimination bill (Pink Advocate)

20 January 2020: Temple Of Satan Makes Submission To Australian Government’s Religious Freedoms Bill (LADbible)

20 January 2020: Australian Satanists Say Freedom of Religion Bill Would Enable Them to Preach About Satan in Schools (Sputnik News)

20 January 2020: ‘Temple of Satan’ in sleepy Australian holiday town vows to take advantage of religious freedom bill to preach about ‘the dark lord’ in schools (Daily Mail)

20 January 2020: Satanists Are Looking Forward To Being Protected Under ScoMo’s New Religious Discrimination Laws (Junkee)

20 January 2020: Satanists Are Vowing To Troll Scott Morrison’s Religious Discrimination Bill Into Dirt (Pedestrian TV)

29 October 2019: QLD Satanists to parade against religious discrimination bill (Star Observer)

Undated: Noosa’s Black Mass: does error have rights? (Family Life International)

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