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Here are some links to various news articles, blogs and petitions that mention us.

20 June 2021: Costs win in Satan case (Courier Mail)

9 June 2021: Better the devil (The Australian, paywalled)

7 May 2021: Thoughts and prayers (The Australian, paywalled)

2 May 2021: Not today, Satan (The Australian, paywalled)

1 May 2021: Group takes on government for Satanism to be taught in schools (A Current Affair)

24 April 2021: Satanism in schools: Are you a believer without knowing it (Courier Mail, paywalled)

4 April 2021: Conservative senator could be the saviour of Lil Nas X’s ‘Satanic’ shoes (Pink Advocate)

3 April 2021: Amanda Stoker – A Reluctant Champion of Satanic Shoes (Press Release)

31 March 2021: Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon is interviewed about Lil Nas X’s Satanic shoes, listen from 11.20 (Triple J Hack)

4 February 2021: Noosa Temple of Satan supports conversion practices ban (Star Observer)

4 February 2021: The Scathing Atheist podcast, episode 416, listen from 22.18 (US)

2 February 2021: Satan be gone (Noosa Today)

1 February 2021: What the devil? Hospital denies recognising Satanism (Sunshine Coast Daily)

February 2020: Queensland Satanists Proposed that Satanism should be Taught in Public Schools (WEBLYF)

31 January 2021: The Cheeky Devils At The Noosa Temple Of Satan Want Satanism To Be Taught In QLD Schools (Pedestrian TV)

30 January 2021: Families Pushing For Evil In Queensland Classrooms (The Oprereport)

30 January 2021: Australian Satanists Want to Offer Religious Instruction in Public Schools (The Friendly Atheist – US)

29 January 2021: Two Queensland Families Are Trying To Get Satanism Taught In Schools (LADbible)

29 January 2021: Education Minister pressed to allow Satanist religious instruction in schools (4BC Radio)

29 January 2021: Schools going to hell if Satanists win rights (Courier Mail)

29 January 2021: The push to have Satanism taught in Brisbane state schools (7 News)

28 January 2021: Revealed: QLD schools where families are pushing for Satanism (Courier Mail, paywalled)

25 January 2021: Devil worshipers celebrate ‘important win for religious freedom (The Australian)

21 January 2021: (Indonesian) Astaghfirullah, Gorgon Ajak Pemeluk Agama Sembah Setan (Republika)

21 January 2021: (Indonesian) Pasang Pentagram, Rumah Sakit Ini Akui Pemuja Setan (Republika)

19 January 2021: Satanists herald ‘important win for religious freedoms’ as pentagram joins recognized faith symbols in Aussie hospital (RT)

19 January 2021: Controversy as Noosa Satanists celebrate what they say is ‘an important win for religious freedom (SBS online)

12 January 2021: Satanism recognised as a religion by the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SBS radio)

19 November 2020: Satan’s stamp duty (The Australian)

21 October 2020: ‘Political stunt’ pushes Satanist to be taught in schools (Courier Mail)

19 October 2020: Noosa’s Satanic Black Mass: A Christian response (The Daily Declaration)

12 August 2020: Noosa hosts first satanic black mass (Noosa Today)

9 February 2020: Government’s religious discrimination bill enshrines the right to harm others in the name of faith (The Conversation)

23 January 2020: Satanists to ‘open gates of hell’ in Australia if religious discrimination bill passed (Inquirer)

22 January 2020: What’s got the Noosa Satan Temple so excited? (Coffs Coast’s Hit105.5)

22 January 2020: Satanists vow to use laws to preach in schools (Courier Mail)

21 January 2020: Satanists play devil’s advocate with religious discrimination bill (The Australian)

21 January 2020: Satanists voice their ‘support’ for religious discrimination bill (Pink Advocate)

20 January 2020: Temple Of Satan Makes Submission To Australian Government’s Religious Freedoms Bill (LADbible)

20 January 2020: Australian Satanists Say Freedom of Religion Bill Would Enable Them to Preach About Satan in Schools (Sputnik News)

20 January 2020: ‘Temple of Satan’ in sleepy Australian holiday town vows to take advantage of religious freedom bill to preach about ‘the dark lord’ in schools (Daily Mail)

20 January 2020: Satanists Are Looking Forward To Being Protected Under ScoMo’s New Religious Discrimination Laws (Junkee)

20 January 2020: Satanists Are Vowing To Troll Scott Morrison’s Religious Discrimination Bill Into Dirt (Pedestrian TV)

29 October 2019: QLD Satanists to parade against religious discrimination bill (Star Observer)

Undated: Noosa’s Black Mass: does error have rights? (Family Life International)

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Noosa Temple of Satan
Hellbound and happy.... ... See MoreSee Less
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Noosa Temple of Satan
Who is a good puppy dog? Thanks to one of our supporters for this cute photo. ❤😈 ... See MoreSee Less
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Repost - Noosa has again a very close connection to our recycled Deputy Prime Minister Barnarby Joyce through the actions of our very generous local Member of Parliament. May Satan richly bless them. 🤘😈Llew O'Brien MP for Noosa has employed Barnaby Joyce's partner Vikki Campion - hopefully the Noosa Temple of Satan will be working closely with Vikki and Llew during the debate around the Religious Discrimination Bill. 🙏😈 ... See MoreSee Less
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If you'd like to see our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon recognised for his service to promoting religious freedom for all and freedom from religion, why not nominate him for Australian of the Year!Entries for the 2022 Australian of the Year Awards close on 31 July 2021. You can find more information here: ... See MoreSee Less
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When students return for semester 2 at University of Queensland, they may be able to access Satanic pastoral care on campus!Earlier this month, our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon wrote to UQ to inform it that the Noosa Temple of Satan wished to be added to the list of chaplaincy providers who are on hand to support students and staff.According to its website, UQ’s Multi-Faith Chaplaincy is an “inclusive space to share faith, traditions and spiritual practices with respect for each person’s spiritual journey and chosen faith.”The service provides “pastoral care, support, spiritual conversations, learning and events for many faiths”, including various types of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.In his letter, Brother Samael said that the Noosa Temple of Satan, in representing Australia’s fastest growing religion, wished to have the same opportunity as other faiths to use the university’s facilities to provide pastoral care and spiritual conversations, among other activities.In response, the university told us we would have to pass through a few hoops before we could begin our important work.Among the boxes that we need to tick to show our temple’s ‘recognition of standing as a faith’, we have to demonstrate “the broad position and reputation of the faith body in society”. Also, for Brother Samael to be appointed as a chaplain we need to demonstrate his “reputable character and good standing”, and the likelihood that he “will contribute positively to the UQ Community.”Brother Samael is hopeful that he can be working on campus in time for O-Week next month.“Our temple’s key tenets include ‘Enlightenment’ and ‘Critical Thought’. So Satanism is a natural fit for the university, especially given the number of liberal arts students there!" he says.“Satanic chaplaincy can play an important role in helping students cope with the pressures of university life and can even bring UQ students and staff to the right path through spiritual conversations."If any of our members are students or staff at UQ, please get in touch with us!Hail UQ!Hail Satan! ... See MoreSee Less
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