‘Sky Daddy’ hacks in a rage over census campaign

Always looking for an opportunity to claim that Christians are under attack, the hacks at Murdoch’s ‘Sky Daddy’ news are currently losing their minds over a campaign that simply aims to achieve an accurate census.

Mediocre Sky hosts Peta Credlin and Andrew Bolt have labelled the Census 21 – Not religious? Mark ‘No Religion’ campaign as a plot by lefties hell-bent on destroying Christianity!

And, whatever you do, don’t mention ‘Tim Minchin’ to them! Credlin and Bolt went into a full-blown meltdown talking about a video released by the entertainer. In his video, Minchin urged Aussies who no longer consider themselves as religious to mark ‘No religion’ on the census.

Because of the leading nature of the religion question – it presumes everyone has a religion – and because many Aussies simply mark the religion they were born into even though they no longer believe or practice it, the ‘No Religion’ campaign argues that the census wildly overstates Australians’ religious identity. And this informs government policy making and funding for religion!

Credlin described the campaign as “not-so-subtle call to arms against a Prime Minister who is happy to declare his Christian faith”.

“It’s an attempt to make it fashionable, or a way to display your left-wing credentials by stripping religion out of Australia’s official statistics. Minchin isn’t an outlier, he’s part of a big push that will only get louder and more determined ahead of Census night,” she said.

Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon said it was sad but not surprising to see Sky playing the ‘Christian persecution’ card.

“Given how biased they are in their ‘political commentary’, it’s quite possible that they just don’t understand how bias works in survey methodology – and, therefore, how biased the census question is,” he said.

At the Noosa Temple of Satan, we have been fielding many inquiries from people as to what they should mark for the religion question.

Brother Samael said that, ultimately, it was up to each individual to honestly reflect on their identity and to answer the question accordingly.

“Many of our members and followers believe in the Dark Lord and identify themselves as one of his followers. Others, however, don’t dig the ‘big guy downstairs’ so much. But, if you do, then it is your right to say you’re a Satanist on the census. Satanism is a recognised religion on the census,” he said.

Hail Satan!

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