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PM-endorsed event claims Aussie cities ‘belong to God’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison endorsed a Christian event that “prophetically declared” that Australia’s cities “belong to God.”

In 2019, ScoMoses wrote an endorsement for Movement Day, an event organised by Lyle Shelton’s father.

In the signed letter (see below) that featured in a brochure to promote the event,

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Who’s on our cards list these holidays?

Heathens, it’s the time of the year to spread some Satanic cheer for the holidays!

Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon loves nothing more than sending season greetings cards at this time of year. And this year he has a long list of people to send our “Wishing you a hell of a holidays” cards.

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Guess which stamp design Australia Post rejected

Grave news, dear heathens. Australia Post has escalated its unfair attacks on our religious freedom.

In the lastest episode of Australia Post’s discriminatory behaviour towards us, the postal service has accepted our order to print a customised Christian stamp but has refused our other request for a similar design featuring the Noosa Temple of Satan logo.

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Religious freedom stamped out

Grave news, dear sinners. Australia Post has stamped out the religious freedoms of Satanists for this holiday season, refusing to print stamps with our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon.

As you may remember, earlier this month we shared with you some stamp designs so that Satanists could make their own customisable stamps on Australia Post’s website.

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Help put us on a stamp this X’mas!

If you want to add some Satanic cheer to Christmas this year, you’ll be pleased to know that Australia Post provides a helpful way jazz up your stamps.

The Australia Post website provides a fantastic service where you can personalise your Christmas stamps with Satanic images. So, to celebrate religious freedom in Australia,

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Australia Post not too keen on our stamp design

You may remember that a few weeks ago we presented to Australia Post a design for a Satanic stamp that they could use to celebrate religious freedom in Australia. Well, one of our followers sent a message to Australia Post to encourage the mail service to follow up on our pretty cool design suggestion.

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Where art thou, ‘Prayer Minister’?

Our ‘Prayer Minister’ Scott Morrison never seems to miss an opportunity to address religious groups.

On Monday, he joined a number of other politicians and national leaders, including Labor’s Anthony Albanese and Governor-General David Hurley, in speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Click on the image to watch the video on our Facebook page.

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Our religious freedom costs $480

Who would have thought that in Scott Morrison’s Australia members of a religious group would have to cough up ‘security fees’ merely to practise their religious freedom!

Well, it costs $480 to be exact.

The Noosa Council-owned venue hosting Australia’s first-ever Satanic Black Mass has advised us that it will apply a punitive additional cost of $480 for two security guards to be present at the half-hour event.

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