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University of Queensland in our sights for Satanic chaplaincy

When students return for semester 2 at University of Queensland, they may be able to access Satanic pastoral care on campus!

Earlier this month, our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon wrote to UQ to inform it that the Noosa Temple of Satan wished to be added to the list of chaplaincy providers who are on hand to support students and staff.

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Brother Samael not a happy chappy

Our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon is still waiting to receive confirmation from the local public hospital on whether he can provide Satanic chaplaincy to all those who want it.

Here at the temple, we were a bit miffed to hear the Sunshine Coast University Hospital’s statement to A Current Affair a few weeks ago that the Noosa Temple of Satan had not yet requested a chaplaincy role.

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Hospital’s backflip puts religious freedom at stake

The Noosa Temple of Satan is seeking an urgent explanation from the Sunshine Coast University Hospital as to whether it welcomes Satanists and respects our religious freedoms after the hospital made an extraordinary backflip.

Weeks after it appeared to support our request for a Satanic pentagram to be displayed in its multi-faith centre the hospital has now denied that it recognised Satanism as an official religion.

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Join our ‘Give a Knit’ campaign for charity

We’ve had many knitters across Australia contacting us in the past couple of weeks sharing their anger at the comments made about them by prominent Christian apologist and historian John Dickson.

Knitters have, understandably, been in knots since Dickson (pictured) described our plan for Satanic chaplains to be working in hospitals as being as useful to sick and dying people “as the local knitting club”.

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Satanists now welcome at hospital’s multi-faith centre

Dear heathens, we’ve had a small but important win for religious freedom!

The Sunshine Coast University Hospital has added Satanism to its list of recognised religions in its multi-faith centre! (Although, they still need to get the logo the right way up!)

This means that followers of the Noosa Temple of Satan can now feel welcome in using the facility alongside Christians,

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We’re looking for our own Dennis Denuto

Just as Darryl Kerrigan couldn’t have gone far without Dennis Denuto in his mission for a fair go in The Castle, our very own Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon hopes that some good legal support will help Satanists win the day on more than one occasion.

The Noosa Temple of Satan is looking for a law firm that would be willing to assist us on a pro-bono basis in our David versus Goliath battles against religious privilege and discrimination of Satanists and other religious and non-religious minorities.

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