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Sign our petition to remove Christian prayers from parliament

This is how each day begins in the nation’s parliament! Yes, no matter what your religious or non-religious background is, you are required to stand for the recital of an exclusively Christian prayer!

We’re calling on the Morrison government to put its money where its mouth is and show its commitment to the principles of religious freedom FOR ALL and of freedom FROM religion by removing this religious-based discrimination before even considering introducing a Religious Discrimination Act.

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Sign our petition calling for the removal of Christian prayers

Dear Satanists of Australia. We need your help to collect as many signatures as possible for our new petition!

We have launched a petition on the Parliament House website calling on the national parliament to stop imposing exclusionary Christian prayer rituals.

With the government set to introduce a Religious Discrimination Bill to parliament,

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Speaker says it’s up to MPs to decide on keeping Christian prayer

The Speaker of the Queensland Parliament, Curtis Pitt, has brushed off our request for the daily Christian prayer to be replaced with something more inclusive.

After we wrote to him calling for the removal of the Lord’s Prayer from the official proceedings of the parliament or face legal action,

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Our temple is preparing for action on prayer in state parliament

The Noosa Temple of Satan has asked the Speaker of the Queensland Parliament to cease the practice of imposing Christian prayers or face legal action on the grounds of discrimination.

In a letter to Speaker Curtis Pitt last week, our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon warned that he would make a complaint under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 to the Queensland Human Rights Commission if the Christian ritual continued to be imposed.

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Show us that you’re fair dinkum

Ever wondered why those demanding ‘religious freedom’ laws aren’t also calling for our national parliament, state parliaments and local councils to allow ALL FAITHS to be reflected equally in these government institutions?

As the likes Catholic Archbishop Peter Comensoli and Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies step up their pressure on the Morrison government to prioritise the introduction of a Religious Discrimination Act next year,

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Video: ACL wants to impose prayer on Queenslanders

Does it sound strange to anyone else that the Australian Christian Lobby’s idea of protecting ‘religious freedom’ means IMPOSING Christian prayers on all Queenslanders in our state parliament?

The ACL, which is crusading for a federal Religious Discrimination Act to protect ‘religious freedom’, is simultaneously campaigning for the observance of Christian prayer to remain mandatory in the Queensland parliament.

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We’re taking on Brisbane council

Dear heathens, the Noosa Temple of Satan has formally asked the Brisbane City Council to remove Christian prayers from the opening of council meetings.

Last week, Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon wrote a letter to the Chair of Council, Councillor Andrew Wines, to say we would be making a formal complaint under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 to the Queensland Human Rights Commission if the council continued imposing the recital of prayer.

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