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We’re taking our Black Mass to the streets of Noosa

Dear sinners of Australia. We bring great news! If COVID-19 restrictions are lifted by late October, we’ll be inviting you to join us for a night of Satanic festivities on the streets of Noosa for Halloween, as our temple hosts our second annual Satanic Black Mass.

Having been banned by the local council from using the publicly funded venue known as The J,

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An open letter to the Australian Christian Lobby

Here’s our open letter to Martyn Iles, the lead crusader at the Australian Christian Lobby. Will Martyn be our saviour?

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Noosa council bans us from using public venue for Black Mass

Christian extremists have succeeded in having Satanic free speech and religious freedom blocked, with the Noosa council this week rejecting our application to use a council-owned venue for our upcoming Black Mass.

The Noosa council has informed us that our Halloween booking for the civic centre known as ‘The J’ was denied because the 2020 event “…triggered a high level of concern and complaint amongst the community”.

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Brother Samael: ‘I’m no hero’

Hero status is not something that sits comfortably with Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon.

Our down-to-earth spiritual leader has been receiving many accolades from sinners all across the principality of Noosa and across Australia for the good work that he has been doing throughout 2020.

Although he has been making many headlines while advocating for the religious freedoms of Satanists and challenging Christian privilege,

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Watch our Satanic Black Mass!

On 30 October 2020, we livestreamed our inaugural Black Mass to a worldwide audience of thousands from ‘The J’ in Noosa. Click on the image to watch the video on our Facebook page.

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Video: Martyn Iles in meltdown over our ‘little temple’

Our Satanic Black Mass has really got the Australian Christian Lobby’s Martyn Iles in meltdown mode this week.

In an interview on Christian radio, Martyn accused us at the Noosa Temple of Satan of being “tricky and deceptive” in our activism and of “deliberately causing havoc” to religious freedom advocates.

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Fundamentalist Christian group takes Satan’s side

In the face of sustained prayer attacks and petitions targeting Friday’s Satanic Black Mass, it has been refreshing to receive some words of support from Christians for our religious freedom celebration.

Our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon almost choked on a scone when he read an article on the website of the fundamentalist Canberra Declaration – the group which had been involved in organising the private prayer session with the Prime Minister earlier in the year.

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We’re under prayer attack!

Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon had been sensing something in his waters….. Heaven forbid, it seems that Catholic groups have decided to wage a cosmic war against the Noosa Temple of Satan!

To be honest, we hadn’t quite prepared for a cosmic war. But, after all, it is 2020. So we may as well roll with the punches!

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All heart for Hillsong!

Hey heathens! How many emoji HEARTS can we get for our suggestion for this new sign at The J – the venue where we will be holding our Black Mass later this month?

With the population of Satanists rapidly growing in Noosa, we think it would be a great idea for the council-owned venue to give us the same opportunity as Hillsong to advertise our temple at the entrance.

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Hey, Llew! Won’t you come to our rescue?

Like many members of the Morrison government, our local member of parliament Llew O’Brien has been a big supporter of the crusade to expand ‘religious freedom’ laws.

Now, with our Noosa Temple of Satan coming under attack from Christian extremists, we’re asking Llew to help us out to ensure that our celebration of religious freedom will go ahead safely at Halloween.

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Noosa Temple of Satan
Given the shocking decision made by the US Supreme Court, the Temple wishes to note our charity of choice here in Australia.....Thanks to all our Go Fund Me contributors we not only covered the cost of the unexpected security at the Black Mass and the Satan Sky Banner but we also raised $194 for our charity Children by Choice Association Inc Hail Satan! ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

Noosa Temple of Satan
Greg Sheridan obviously has never tried to hold a sacred Black Mass in ... See MoreSee Less
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