Noosa council bans us from using public venue for Black Mass

Christian extremists have succeeded in having Satanic free speech and religious freedom blocked, with the Noosa council this week rejecting our application to use a council-owned venue for our upcoming Black Mass.

The Noosa council has informed us that our Halloween booking for the civic centre known as ‘The J’ was denied because the 2020 event “…triggered a high level of concern and complaint amongst the community”.

In the lead-up to our inaugural Black Mass last year, a campaign of abuse by Christians targeted workers at the venue.

In addition, we received many threatening messages to social media pages, with some of the Christian extremists even threatening to burn down the venue.

Noosa council told us that the staging of our Black Mass led to “direct abuse of Council staff” and “had a strong negative impact on staff safety and wellbeing”.

This decision by the council has left our temple leader and spiritual head Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon in despair.

“Our Black Mass is a celebration of religious freedom. Unfortunately, it is clear that many Christians want to cancel our religious freedom and are happy to use intimidation tactics to do so,” he said.

“Despite this intolerance, last year’s Black Mass was a great success, providing a sense of community for Satanists across Australia. We were hoping to make it even bigger and better at The J, which is a venue that continues to host Hillsong every week.”

The banning of Satanists from a public-owned and public-funded venue follows the case of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) being banned from hosting an event at a venue in Western Australia last week.

Brother Samael said he would be calling on the ACL and groups such as Freedom for Faith to publicly urge the Noosa council to overturn its decision.

“In the ACL’s case, they were initially banned because the government said views of the ACL don’t align with the views of the Western Australian government. In our case, the Noosa council has no problem with our views or our behaviour. The problem is with Christian activists threatening the safety of venue staff,” he said.

“This will be a great test for the ACL and other advocates for religious freedom. If they don’t support us in this fight, then the Australian public will rightly accuse them of being hypocrites.”

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