Christian Lobby wheels out token Muslims for ‘religious freedom’ campaign

The Australian Christian Lobby is desperately trying to boost its ‘religious freedom’ credentials by tokenistically using images of Muslims as part of its current social media campaign, even though Martyn Iles is on record attacking Islam.

In adverts currently circling on Facebook to support its campaign for the Religious Discrimination Bill, the fundamentalist Christian lobby uses the image of a woman wearing a headscarf.

Yet, in 2018, the group’s lead crusader told a crowd that he was concerned about the campaign for ‘religious freedom’ being used to unintentionally advance Islam (see video below).

Iles told the ACL’s State Conference in Victoria that he expected a Religious Discrimination Bill would be worded generally and likely confined to protecting organised and recognised religions.

“But Islam is definitely a part of that. And this is one of the real challenges that we face in the modern world,” Iles said.

“I’m not someone who says that that doesn’t matter, because I do believe that Islam is one of the spirits of anti-Christ in the world, denying that Jesus is the son of God. And I think we have to be very, very careful.”

Iles has also shown a great disdain for other religious groups.

In October last year, ahead of our Satanic Black Mass, he told Christian radio that people should stay away from Satanism and argued that “pagan religions destroy people like nothing else”.

Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon said it was a low act for the Christian Lobby to be using people of other faiths to cover up its intolerant views.

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