Christian lobby launches ‘spiritual war’ against us!

The Australian Christian Lobby’s lead crusader has officially declared war on the Noosa Temple of Satan – a spiritual war, to be exact.

In an interview with Christian radio show 20Twenty yesterday, Martyn Iles said it was now time for Christians to stand up to the Satanic challenge coming from our humble temple in Queensland.

“The Noosa Temple of Satan have been doing some very effective advocacy and want to get into schools now. I would just say to people, ‘Look, this is where we are.’ And hopefully it’s a call to Christians to continue to stand up and to continue to find their voice because now we are fighting real darkness,” he said.

“This is a spiritual war more than it is a political war. And it’s going to require the people of God to stand up and be counted.”

Far from supporting the right to religious freedom for all Australians, the Christian lobby is vowing to do what it can to ensure Satanists cannot enjoy the same rights as Christians to deliver religious instruction in public schools.

“This is a spiritual issue. It’s now coming to our kids,” said Martyn.

“We also will be keeping a close eye on that particular issue of the Noosa Temple of Satan and the Queensland schools thing. Certainly, if there is any serious proposal around that, we’ll be opposing it and inviting people to participate.”

The topic of war and conflict have, it seems, been well and truly on Martyn’s mind in recent times.

At the fundamentalist Church & State conference in late February, the ‘culture war warrior’ suggested that a military conflict with China could help turn around the cultural trends in the West that are seeing people ditching Christianity in droves.

Our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon is not worried about a spiritual war with the Christian lobby and is urging sinners all over the country to continue going about their daily business of rebellion.

Hail Satan!

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