Christian Lobby head suggests a war with China could restore Christianity

Martyn Iles, the lead ‘culture war’ crusader for the Australian Christian Lobby, has suggested that an actual major international war would restore Christianity in Australia.

Sitting on a debate panel at the Church & State conference in Brisbane yesterday and discussing the decline of Christianity and other cultural trends in the West, Iles said that a conflict with China would turn things around.

Iles was asked by Nationals MP and ‘member for Manila’ George Christensen for advice on what Christians could do to reverse the trajectory of Western civilisation and achieve a “re-Christendom” of the globe.

Iles argued that Christians should “never give up” because things could change at any moment.

“The difficulty is…predicting the future is a very fraught thing to do because history is so full of incredible and unexpected twists and turns. A thing can come along that changes everything in a second,” said Iles.

“You can be sure that any serious geopolitical – any serious military conflict by China will change everything in a second.

“If we are genuinely terrified of threats from China, we won’t be worrying about climate change or our gender – whether we’re boys or girls. Dad will hate me for this but he often says, ‘You know what we need to sort this out? We need a good war.” And there’s a little bit of truth in that.”

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