Satanist in Facebook purgatory for ‘hate speech’

One of our members has been banished to Facebook purgatory for expressing a religiously held belief about Catholics.

After commenting on one of our recent posts that Catholics “are the worst”, the Satanist received a notification from Facebook to say that he had been banned from the platform for 30 days for ‘hate speech’.

Sadly, he is now unable to follow this temple’s social media activities until mid June – and, of course, he won’t be able to see this post about him.

The harsh crackdown against Satanists contrasts to the free reign given to other religious groups which frequently demonise Satanism.

Last year, Catholics labelled us “evil” as they used Facebook to set up groups in their campaign to have our Satanic Black Mass cancelled.

Given the efforts being made to curb our freedom of faith-based speech, Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon suggests that Satanists may have to exercise more caution when commenting on our posts so as to avoid Facebook purgatory.

“In saying that ‘Catholics are the worst’, our friend has, perhaps, left himself a little bit open to claims of hate speech,” he says.

“But if he expanded a bit and said ‘Catholics are the worst…when it comes to clerical abuse towards kiddies, hiding their crimes, moving pedophile priests to other parishes when they can keep on abusing kids, and then fucking over the victims again and again later in life when they seek compensation to help mend some of the damage that was done to their lives’, then that could certainly not be banned by Facebook. It would be merely stating a widely known fact.

“So think of it as a ‘fill-in-the-blank game. If you’re going to say ‘Catholics are the worst…’, then take a moment to pick from all of the horrible things the Catholic Church has done and finish off the sentence.”

Hail Satan!

Don’t forget that, if we ever get de-platformed from Facebook, you’ll be able to find us on Twitter @OfNoosa and at

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