Pellowe likens Dan Andrews to Hitler

Earlier this week, David Pellowe, the organiser of the Church & State summit, was over the moon that we had raised concerns about the nature of his event on our Twitter and blog.

“I mean, seriously – could there be any better endorsement than to be seen by satanists as antithetical to their claimed values? Could any politician let alone activist want for any better PR than to be despised by satanists?”

Well, on the eve of his Christian fundamentalist conference in Brisbane, we’re only too happy to publicise some more of Pellowe’s views.

Appearing on the lacklustre Lyle Shelton Show on 10 February, Pellowe compared Victorian Premier Dan Andrews with Hitler.

The video can be watched on our Twitter page: @OfNoosa

Even though Shelton tried to warn him off going down that path, Pellowe was keen to double down on his argument.

Pellowe said a topic that would be raised at the Church & State summit would focus on why people are ashamed to be associated with Hitler but not ashamed to be associated with “far worse atrocities committed in the name of government and ideologies like socialism”.

A number of Morrison government members are believed to be attending the Church & State summit on Friday and Saturday.

Queensland Senators Amanda Stoker and Matt Canavan will be among the guest speakers, along with the Australian Christian Lobby’s Martyn Iles and cardinal George Pell, who will appear from the Vatican. We understand that George Christensen will be among the audience.

Late last week, we questioned why the Senators were going to an event that appeared to support the Dominionist movement, which aims to install Christian dominance across society. We also pointed out that Pellowe had appeared in a photograph with the Proud Boys.

One can only wonder if attendees will receive t-shirts of Dan Andrews with Hitler-style moustaches photoshopped over the top.

Hail Satan!

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