Pellowe labels us ’embarrassing’ but defends ‘friendship’ with Proud Boys

Christian activist Dave Pellowe has defended his friendship with the Proud Boys after news reports about his Church & State event mentioned his previous appearance in a notorious photo with them.

In a new video that Pellowe has shared on his social media, editor of Eternity News John Sandeman tells him to distance himself from the far-Right group and urges him to “go broader” in building a following.

But Pellowe hits back, saying, while he condemns racism, he will not distance himself from the Proud Boys.

“What you’ve asked me to do and what my critics have asked me to do is distance myself from the Proud Boys. I won’t. I’ll happily admit on the public record that I have gone to the pub with them and had drinks with them, and enjoyed friendship with them.”

While defending his relationship with the Proud Boys, Pellowe has also been busy attacking our temple in social media rants and at his Church & State summit.

Pellowe, in his role as event organiser, used his captured audience at the summit in late February to bang on about his disdain for the Noosa Temple of Satan and suggest that we should be “embarrassed”.

Days earlier, our temple had unearthed the photo of Pellowe hanging out with the Proud Boys and questioned why government senators would be attending what appeared to be a Dominionist event. Dominionist theology seeks to impose Christian power throughout the major institutions of society.

“I actually was – for about two and a half seconds – shocked and then just absolutely tickled pink when I was tagged in a post by the Noosa Temple of Satan. They were clucking their tongues at Senator Canavan and Senator Amanda Stoker…saying, ‘How dare these senators go to a Christian political conference. It’s a conspiracy theory! They’re taking over Australia’ – or words to that effect,” he said to the Church & State summit.

“And I’m like: ‘You’re actually admitting you’re Satanists! You’re not embarrassed by that?’”

Pellowe then pretended to whisper to an imaginary friend on stage: “The guys are Satanists. It’s good if you think about it.”

In an article about the extremist nature of Pellowe’s Church & State event and about its focus on infiltrating the major parties, the Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday noted how Pellowe had appeared in a photograph with the Proud Boys.

Our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon said the senators and members of parliament who attended the Church & State summit should explain to their electorates their views on Dominionist theology.

“It’s also concerning that there are connections between the event and the Proud Boys. If anyone should be embarrassed, it’s certainly not Satanists,” said Brother Samael.

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