Have schools blocked access to our website?

Dear sinners, we’ve heard some potentially grave news from one of our members in Queensland.

A Satanic parent recently informed us that their child was not able to access the Noosa Temple of Satan website at their public school.

“My daughter tried to look up the temple today while at school. Education Queensland has it as one of the blocked websites,” the parent said.

We haven’t been able to verify the report yet, so we’d like your help to check on whether we have indeed been declared too hot for Queenslanders youngsters to handle.

If true, it would be a devastating blow for freedom of religion and freedom of thought in Australia.

“We’re on a mission to bring young Queenslanders to Satan – which is our right as a religious organisation. Any attempts by any government to block us from that religious mission, or to have us cancelled, should be very concerning for all Australians,” said our spiritual leader Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon.

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Noosa Temple of Satan
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